Education for Sharing

Education for Sharing (E4S) is an international non-profit organization that builds better global citizenship through educational innovation based on the power of play. E4S has developed a wide range of educational intervention and engagement opportunities focused on social needs and interests based on our experience in the education sector. 

The educational programs of E4S are developed through a ludic methodology based on learning through play, and are composed of three moments "for Sharing".

Our ludic methodology is based on learning through play.

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Results of entry and exit evaluations over the past few years demonstrate the impact of the E4S model:

  • 40% increase in children's ability to solve problems in their communities.
  • On average, 90.1% of educators perceived an improvement in coexistence between girls and boys.
  • Frequent practice of respect by students increased by 50%.
  • 88.9% of educators observed that their group learned to strengthen their socio-emotional skills.
  • 60% increase (from 10% to 70%) in the teacher's observation of the peaceful resolution of conflicts in their group of students.
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We have reached 1,763,309 children, young people, educators, and parents.